Subscription Service Questions

I forgot the password to my Swishu account.

Click the following link and an e-mail will be sent with instructions to reset your password.

I have a billing question or would like to cancel.

Swishu handles all payments and processing. Contact them here:

Why is my mobile device asking to use my location when I try to listen to your stream?

Our mobile site uses your location to give you the best experience with our live stream.

Streaming Player Questions

I use Internet Explorer and when I launch the player, I see "Connection in progress, backup connection in progress" but it never actually connects.

The problem could lie in the Internet Explorer configurations. There are a few steps to rectify the situation.

First please make sure that you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, you can find it here:

Secondly, open Internet Explorer click on "Tools" and select "Internet Options" in the drop down menu. A window will open, select the "Advanced" tab. At the bottom you will see "Reset Internet Explorer Settings", click on "Reset...". Be aware that by doing this all your cookies, temporary files and add-ons will be deleted and/or disabled. Close Internet Explorer.

Reopen Internet Explorer, you should be redirected to a welcome page. Do NOT turn on automatic Phishing Filter, this is critical, if you do turn it on you need to go back to step 1. Please note that you can be asked if you want to turn on the automatic Phishing Filter at any time during your browsing experience, do NOT turn it on.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Flash Player, you can get it here:

Last, try to listen to the station you were trying to listen to and let us know if your problem is fixed.

When I log on the player page, it says that I don't have Flash Player installed on my computer but I do have it.

Could you please try to open it with another internet browser like Firefox to make sure it's not a problem with your browse configuration.


When I launch the Player, it says that I need to upgrade my version of Flash Player.

You are using an old version of Flash Player, please follow the link below to update Flash Player and it will solve your problem:

I can't access the stream, all my configurations are up to date including my browser my Flash Player. I can't connect at all.

Are you listening from home or from the office?

If it's from the office: You should ask your network administrator if they have blocked the stream URL in the firewall office.

If it's from home: Are you using any kind of firewall, antivirus or parental control? If yes, try to disabled it and try again, to make sure that it's not one of theses software that creates the problem.

If you can listen to the stream after you have turn it off, that means that you have to change your settings in order to be able to listen to the stream.